How the JSD Ministry Began

I have been in the ministry for twenty-five years and teaching the word of God in many nations. I was in the country Venezuela teaching and preaching the word of God. When God began talking with me about a Bible School for leadership; I thought the Bible School was for Venezuela but I was to go to another country. I came home heavy in my heart; I could not limit myself to Venezuela; this was told to me by a pastor that I respected very much and knew he heard from the Lord. So I came home and for one year prayed and sought God on where he wanted this Bible School. Then the Lord began to show me Mexico. I did not know any one there or any thing about the country. I didn’t even know where to go in Mexico, I just knew to go. So I got a map down and asked God where? The east coast was standing out to me all along the coast line and when I would look at the map it would burn in my heart. As I prayed I would see arch ways. This became so strong in my prayers. I didn’t completely understand all what I was seeing at the time. The day came to go and my husband and I left on our journey. We met our friends in Texas; Richard and Jody came with us, they could speak Spanish. They were a great blessing to this ministry starting. We drove to Mexico and went down the coast line till we got to Tampico Mexico; and I knew this was where God wanted the school.

That night we went out to eat and I asked the waiters if they knew where a church was. One of the waiters came out with the name of a church and pastor name. The next day we called the church and the pastor spoke English. This was a surprise for us, and as he gave us instructions of how to come to the church, he said you go to the arch ways and turn left. I knew I was right where I supposed to be, because God had already shown me the arch ways a year ago. This pastor has a very large church in Tampico and knew many pastors who needed this ministry.

I rented a house in a very good area and started the Bible School in the mission house. At first we had five students in 2005; and it grew from five to graduation of three thousand students in Mexico, Peru, Belize and USA. Now we are opening up our new building for the University. We have a great location in Tampico; and we hope to start classes this September of 2009.We are in the process of legalizing the ministry in Mexico. I give God all the glory for all his wonderful work he has done in my life and in the lives we have touched through this ministry.

–Phyllis Mitchell