The International Bible Institute was founded in 2021 in an effort to spread the message of the Gospel to the ends of the Earth on an internet platform. The teachings there in have existed since the founding of JSD Ministry. This institute exists as the platform to take the Gospel and the lessons of JSD to everyone in the world. The institute is taught in both in person if a teacher is able to travel to your church or online. Please note that the IBI is NOT A CHURCH. We exists to help train pastors and all believer’s in Christ to walk in the authority found in the Bible. All lessons are from the Bible. Religious affiliation is not taught in our curriculum.

IBI is under the direction of Pastor(a) Hector and Elvira.

The Institute can be taken completely online as of 2022. There are three levels of the program, each designed to give the believer a foundation upon which to build for the next level. By completing each of the program levels, a student can obtain a certificate.

After successful completion of all three program levels, a student can earn an internationally recognized diploma.

After completion of the diploma, there are specialty certificates for the subject area the Holy Spirit is guiding them to serve in. This specialty program focuses on where the Believer is wanting to serve in. Each program is uniquely tailored to the student. Each student in the specialty program will be paired with a mentor along with their teacher that has specific training in this subject area. Subject areas include but are not limited to: Children’s Ministry, Youth Ministry, Worship Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Evangelistic Ministry, Deliverance Ministry, etc.

Level 1 Program Classes/Coursework

The Authority Belonging to BelieversThe Christian’s Spiritual GrowthDoing the works of Christ
Ending Strife in the ChurchThe Fear of the LordForgiveness
Fruit for CharacterFundamentals of FaithFundamentals of Prayer
Healing for the BelieverHolinessThe Holy Spirit
How to be directed by the Spirit of GodIn Christ RealitiesLevels of Authority
Living a Life of VictoryManifestations of the Holy SpiritMan: Spirit, Soul, and Body
Ministry GiftsThe Name of JesusPrinciples of Communication
Principles of ConfessionProsperityRecognized Cults
Righteousness of a ChristianDeliverance (1) 

Level 2 Program Classes/Coursework

Evangelism 1Faith 2Healing for the Believer 2
Leadership 1Leadership 2Ministerial Ethics
Ministering in the AnointingHeart of the ShepherdYou may all prophesy (1-8)
Deliverance (2)  

Level 3 Program Classes/Coursework

Establishing ChurchesHow to Prepare a Good SermonPractical Ministries
Preparing for Public SpeakingThe Ministry of HelpsTheology 1
Theology 2Leadership 3Deliverance (3)
BurnoutIniquityOther Subjects To Be Determined