OLD Vision/Who We Are


The vision of JSD Ministry is to train and equip laborers for leadership. Many people are searching for their purpose and place in the Kingdom. This ministry helps students find their destiny. Many are now working in their purpose because of what they have learned in JSD Bible School.

The curriculum that we teach helps the student grow in the knowledge of Christ and Kingdom principles. Each lesson builds on the Word of God and points them to his or her purpose in knowing who they are and what they are called to do for the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Students bring about change in the communities for Christ through the teachings in the Bible School. The Word of God in their lives brings truth, charter and ministry ethics. 

We believe in training the students in spiritual warfare and deliverance; to know that their [weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.] II Corinthians 10:4. They are instructed in generational curses and soul ties, how to recognize and break the holds on their life. Through coming into this truth, students can share with others. This helps to change others with the Word of God.

I believe this generation will bring in the harvest for the coming of our Lord. Training the harvesters for the harvest is what we believe is our mandate. The youth are going to play a large part in this harvest. We are training the youth in our school and we see the desire to pursue the Lord in their lives.

In the on-start of attending the Bible School, many students do not know their place in the body of Christ. We see the Spirit of God show them through the teaching of the Word. While in prayer, the Holy Spirit spoke that through this Bible School many will be pushed into their destiny and be mightily used by God. We see that spoken word coming to pass; we have teachers teaching classes that have never taught before, men and women going into ministry and pastoring churches, and missionaries going to the field where they know they are called.

We believe the ministry of JSD Bible School is to train harvesters to bring the last day harvest to the Kingdom of God, to know their purpose in the Kingdom, and to be bold in taking the Word of God to change the world around them.